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Tequila Mockingbird
A Manor Pictures release
Review of ‘Tequila
by Otto Petersen
from Otto & George

John Valby is a
comedy legend &
the DVD ‘Tequila
Mockingbird’ is a
real treat for Valby
fans & a good
introduction to ‘Dr.
Dirty’ for any poor
soul who has never
heard of him.

Valby is so hip &
timely, he has a
new song about a
current event
before it barely has
time to hit the

Speaking as a huge
fan of song
parodists like Allan
Sherman & Tom
Leherer, the mark
of a truly good,
successful song
parody is when you
hear the original
song again, you
think only of the
parody. Valby has
ruined many songs
for me that way.

John Valby is a true
American legend
and I am honored
to have worked
with him.
The DVD ‘Tequila
Mockingbird’ is a
great look into
John Valby’s work
and is well worth
several viewings.
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Review of
by George Dudley
from Otto &

Die already you
creepy old fart.
You look like a
melted candle
sitting on that
piano bench. How
can you stand all
those skank’s tits
in your face all
the time?
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In Memory of Daniel Sweeney
Tequila Mockingbird Production Manager